Course curriculum

  • 1

    Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy: Low Cost + Preparation Techniques for Telemedicine and Tele-Play

    • Part 1: Intro + Downloads

    • Part 2: Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy

    • Part 3: Telemedicine and Telemental Health

    • Part 4: CBPT: Assessment, Rapport Building + Treatment Planning

    • Part 5: Middle and Working Stages

    • Part 6: CBPT Termination

    • Part 7: Bibliography

    • Part 8: How To Get Your APT Non-Contact CE Certificate

Course Description

Approved for 3.25 APT Non-Contact Credit Hours by Meehan Mental Health Services (APT Approved Provider 19-580).   

This course is taught by Ann Meehan, MS, LPCC, RPT-S, owner of Meehan Mental Health Services.


This course provides seminal theory and skills and methods credits and covers the applications of Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy to Telemedicine and Tele-Play.  This training includes over 40 CBPT techniques that can be used with Tele-Play sessions as well as over 15 handouts, printables, and worksheets!

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify at least 4 adaptations for Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy for Telemedicine and Tele-Play.
  • Identify at least 5 supplies that could be easily used for Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy in Telemedicine Sessions.  
  • List at least 10 categories of Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy interventions.
  • List at least 40 Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy techniques for the beginning, middle, and end phases of therapy appropriate for Telemedicine and Tele-Play.


Please email with questions or concerns.

*Play Therapy Credit may not be awarded to non-mental health professionals. There are no refunds for this non contact recorded course.